Our Strategy & Investment Services

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Since 2014 we have been building our own portfolio of properties across London, Cambridgeshire, Manchester and most recently Swansea. To date we have focused on residential buy-to-let properties with a number of HMO’s (Home of Multiple Occupants) in the pipeline. Our buy-refurbish-refinance model delivers good quality homes for our tenants, and a continual pipeline of projects.

We have the opportunity to help investors also achieve their investment objectives through our established business. We’re starting to work with a range of clients, understanding that every individual has different needs. Whether you are looking for specific investment returns, real estate ventures or want to diversify your portfolio, we are confident in providing you with the right solution and support.

Why invest in property?

  • Less volatile than stocks & shares
  • Significantly higher return on investment than you can achieve in the bank
  • Regular income provided through monthly rental
  • Residential property in high demand

Why invest with us?

  • Superior returns on investment, often 6-8 x higher than you can get in the bank
  • Range of investment options available to suit your specific needs
  • Proven track record over 5 years
  • Access to our power team of professionals
  • Friendly caring approach to doing business

As we expand our growth in Manchester and Cambridgeshire specifically with many new properties expanding the ability to offer investment opportunities. Here are some investment options available to you: